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Cloud accounting apps like Xero, Sage, QuickBooks and FreeAgent can be game changers for business – but you’ve got to choose the right one, get it properly set up and know how to use it. Let us give you a hand with that.
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What’s cloud accounting about?

Cloud consulting accounting apps are a modern alternative to ledgers, spreadsheets and desktop accounting programmes.

They give you access to your business’s financial data in real time on whatever device you’ve got handy, from your phone to your iPad. They’re dead easy to use and will save you loads of time. And once you’ve switched, you’ll be glad to see the back of all those paper receipts and invoices.

Which is the right cloud app for you?

Sure, most cloud consultancy accounting packages on the market these days will do the job – but one of them will be perfect for you.

Some accountancy firms are partnered up with just one cloud app provider and have the branded biros and baseball caps to prove it. At Blyth, we keep our options open and know our way round all the major players so we can make sure our clients get the app that’s right for them.

Cloud accounting setup and training

Getting software is just the start. Getting it fine-tuned and learning to use it is when things really get interesting.

We’ve learned all the tricks for getting the most out of packages like Xero and have loads of ideas about how you can use them in your business. Learning with us is personalised, efficient and also fun, too – because we don’t do boring. And if you need help at any time, just pick up the phone.

Happy clients, top marks

client satisfaction rate

Happy clients, top marks

It turns out you can put a number on happiness. Looking at our customer reviews and doing some sums – look, we’re accountants – we can see they’re pretty delighted with the service they get from us. You’d be happy with that score in gymnastics, wouldn’t you?

Ready to switch it up? Good. It’s easy.


Call us or send a quick message

We’ll have a chat, probably a bit of a laugh, and you can decide if you think Blyth is the accounting firm for you.


Services and fees agreed upfront

We don’t surprise clients with unexpected charges so, for peace of mind,  we’ll get things pinned down from day one.


Make your exit, sign the papers

To save you a job, we’ll manage your goodbye to your previous accountant and get you set up with us, fast and simple.

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