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Keep on track and lose the stress

You’re busy with your business, we get that. Keeping your books formatted correctly, accessible, and most importantly regularly updated is an arduous task at the best of times. But with our help, it’ll feel easy.

We’ll bring you up to speed on the latest bookkeeping technologies such as Xero, Quickbooks or Sage – or we can work with your existing setup if you like. Flexibility is the key to making it work for you.

Once we’ve got you set up, feel free to drop us a message if you don’t know what’s going on. The cloud can be confusing, but we’ve got our methods pretty locked in, so it’s our promise to you that we’ll keep you informed.

Don’t get stuck with VAT

Whether you’re just starting out as a business, or you’ve been doing your thing for a number of years now, there is no escaping VAT. It can be too much at times, we get it – we have to do it too!

Thankfully, as your accountant, we can alleviate all that stress and make sure that you always pay on time. In fact, we usually file our clients’ VAT returns within 14 days of the period end.

Our VAT planning service is comprehensive and will make sure that your VAT arrangements are laid out in the most tax efficient way, so you never pay more than you should.

This will relieve a huge burden from your company and will give you back some precious business time, as well as improving cashflow.

We’ll work closely with you to find the most appropriate approach, assisting with any HMRC craziness that might happen along the way. There are always regulation changes so we’ll keep our eyes firmly on the rulebook and let you focus on your business.

Why blyth?

Ahead of schedule

Complete annual accounts within 3-4 months of the financial year-end date.

Fixed fees

Our fees are always what we promise and we never charge you by the hour.

Always online

It’s a necessity but we know its value. Stay connected to your finances.

No surprises

We keep you updated and in the loop. There’ll be no shocks or surprises.

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