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Are you doing research and development?

If your business is doing anything that meets the tax definiton of R&D you could make huge tax savings every year – up to 33% of your expenditure on research. That’s serious money, that could be put straight back into your business.

You might think this doesn’t apply to you but you’d be surprised. HMRC’s definition of R&D is quite different to what most people have in mind and a lot broader.

It’s not just pure research. R&D can mean any number of areas that rely on materials, processes, designs, products, and services. If a project involves any kind of innovation and takes risks to get there, or if it actually improves a product, process or service, then it may be suitable for an R&D claim.

All sorts of businesses could be making claims for R&D credits but aren’t. We want to fix that.

If you’re engaging in a project that relies on innovation or has a degree of uncertainty, then you’re pretty likely to be eligible. We love helping startups and innovators get the best for their business and reap the rewards of R&D tax credits.

What areas could qualify?

We’ve worked with businesses in all kinds of sectors to secure R&D tax relief, including those you might not think would obviously qualify. Construction, for example, is one area where innovation in materials and methods are always going on.

People sometimes assumes software development is ineligible but, in fact, there are quite a few circumstances in which it qualifies for R&D relief. It’s all about those underlying principles around problem solving and underlying technology.

Businesses in architecture, digital marketing, graphic design and television production are also often undertaking more qualifying R&D work than they realise.

New product development, manufacturing and engineering are more traditional sectors for R&D to go on and, of course, these kinds of business are often able to make successful claims for tax relief.

How can we help?

We can help manage your claim from start to finish with just a couple of conversations and a few emails. We’ll make sure you are eligible and that your claim has legs before submitting it on your behalf, dealing with HMRC throughout. It couldn’t be much simpler.

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